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Bloodless: The Trial of Burke and Hare

Cercle Molière Theatre

340 Provencher Boulevard, Winnipeg, MB R2H 0G7, Canada

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Event Description

‘Robbing graves for medical science is back breaking work. Why dig up corpses when you can create your own?’

Bloodless: The Trial of Burke and Hare is a musically morbid tale of money lust and murder in 19th century Scotland.  It follows the tale of Irish innkeepers William Burke and William Hare, whose business takes a turn for the murderous when word gets out that fresh corpses fetch a pretty penny at the medical academy.

Written by Joseph Aragon and directed by Sharon Bajer, this deliciously dark and scandalously true tale returns to Winnipeg – where it got its award-winning start at the 2009 Fringe Festival – after a professional world premiere at the Panasonic Theatre in Toronto last year.

Join White Rabbit Productions for a gruesome, grotesque and spine-tingling time as they introduce you to the nefarious duo and their cast of victims, lovers and nemeses!


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April 24th, 2013  8:00 pmMay 4th, 2013  8:00 pm